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Responsive Website Development

Websites need no introduction and almost all companies have woken up to the fact that owning a website is a must in the current scenario. There are a multitude of companies offering to develop websites at throw-away prices; there are free templates that are up for grabs. While these resources do help companies make a start on the web, the question that remains unanswered is whether such websites are indeed adding value. Ease of accessing internet from every palm has witnessed advanced era where viewing a website is not limited to laptop or conventional desktops. Today there are numerous devices of different screen size available to fetch your web pages. A conventional website looks either very minute or ugly on these modern devices which simply kills the interest to consume your content. Responsive website designing solves this Real estate problem and provides a way where your website will be seen with great visibility in all the devices by changing its shape.

CMS Based Web Designing And Development

A website is meaningful when it is updated frequently to make audience informed with company's latest news, events, white papers, brochure, case studies etc. It is always advisable to engage your web agency for regular Website maintenance but you may require to change something without seeking assistance from your web design company. If your team is knowledgeable, you can also maintain your website without depending on web agency. Wordpress is a free open source platform today occupy its position in almost one fourth of total websites across the globe. Originally initiated as the easiest blogging tool, Wordpress is today strongest content management system (CMS) for websites. The easy admin interface helps the web owners to change the content of website real time. By the demand and usage of Wordpress, there are numerous ad ons and plugins have been developed for many other standard features of a full fledged website. The components can be very simple like updating a news item to complex like compete e-commerce.

E-Commerce Development

Online trade "e-Commerce" has become a norm in recent years. Given a choice, many people would prefer to quickly buy products and services online from the comfort of their office / homes. e-Commerce has also made it possible for companies to extend their reach to customers across geographies. So, we have said a Swedish company selling an anti-virus application to somebody in Malaysia at the click of a button; or an Indian florist selling her wares to a customer in Australia straight from the nursery. NGS Technology L.L.C e-Commerce portal / application development services enable you to realize the full potential of online sales by literally taking your products / services to the doorsteps of your customers anywhere in the world despite of your domain. NGS Technology L.L.C has capability of designing and developing E-commerce websites using Magento framework for your products and services.

Keeping Your Website Alive And Kicking

If website development requires a combination of creativity and business know-how, Website maintenance requires an even greater helping of the two. Team NGS Technology L.L.C understands that regularly updating and enhancing a website requires discipline and a deep understanding of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

As a comprehensive web consulting company, NGS Technology L.L.C complements its website development services by offering web promotion services. The internet is very vast and getting noticed in the virtual world is no easy task. Web promotion activities, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and other internet marketing strategies are key to ensuring that your message, as conveyed by your website, reaches your target audience and generates the right kind of interest in the right places. NGS Technology L.L.C promotion activities are geared towards: Generating traffic to your website, Increasing your rate of conversion of leads, Providing analytics to understand user behavior to improve / sharpen focus on winning strategies. NGS Technology L.L.C’s offers expert ethical SEO services transform your website into a qualified lead generator that directly adds value to your marketing efforts. We bring together our expertise in website development, knowledge of web technologies, and deep understanding of how search engines work, to improve reach and visibility of your website.

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