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Exchange Servers:
networking You're out and about, or maybe you're traveling, and you lose your laptop or maybe you just didn't bring your laptop but you are expecting an important email, or maybe you need to grab an important email, but historically if you've used outlook all your emails are at home. Maybe you don't have webmail access to grab emails coming in. Exchange server is a centralized hub that contains all your emails online, but its compatible with outlook. So you're used to getting your emails in outlook and sorting them how you like, Exchange server make that possible. So what about traveling, I still won't be able to get my emails without outlook. Well, actually, you will. Exchange Server has an advanced feature which lets you log in to outlook, from anywhere, with Outlook Web Access. The outlook you're used to from home, right there from any web browser, anywhere in the world!.

Copper / Fiber Optic Cabling:
Structured Cabling is a single flexible cabling infrastructure that can support it all: PCs, phones and other devices. It's the 'glue' that links everything together - from voice and data to multimedia and network services such as ISDN, ADSL, WAN, and LAN.

networking PABX Systems: A private automatic branch exchange (PABX) is an automatic telephone switching system within a private enterprise. Originally, such systems - called private branch exchanges (PBX) - required the use of a live operator.

networking Switches / Routers: To understand basic networking, you first need to answer the question, "What is a network switch?" Most business networks today use switches to connect computers, printers and servers within a building or campus. A switch serves as a controller, enabling networked devices to talk to each other efficiently. Through information sharing and resource allocation, switches save businesses money and increase employee productivity. Switches create a network. Routers connect networks. A router links computers to the Internet, so users can share the connection. A router acts as a dispatcher, choosing the best path for information to travel so it's received quickly.

IBM SERVER, Exchange Servers, Switches/Router - Managed/Unmanaged Copper/Fiber, Optic Cabling Firewalls VPN, PABX, remote desktop connection Etc.

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